Collection Information
Last order 2.30pm. Last collection 3.30pm.
Allow 1 hour for orders.

Covid-19 Visitor Policy
When collecting items from our shop, social distancing and Government guidelines are to be followed closely.
Currently all people must wear a mask and only 2 persons are allowed in the shop at any one time.

Terms & Conditions

We advise customers to place an order 2-3 days before the cake(s) are required.

Minimum £5.00 per order

If you receive an order confirmation email and notice an error, please advise The Soup Kitchen immediately. We can be contacted via phone 01785 254 775 or email

If your order is incorrect, please advise the restaurant on the day the order is collected. You must have a copy of your order confirmation as proof of payment / order. Management will do their upmost best to rectify any issues with the order.